Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last Monday, followed my parents to one of their friend's house for lunch. The uncle's house was like a mini zoo and a mini garden. He had tons of fishes, be it Japanese Carp Kois or Arowanas, one of them which is blind which feeds on big fat worms which feed on carrots and cereal. Do you get me?

The fish pond

He also had dogs!

This is a Jack Russel. You know, like the dog Milo from The Mask. I couldn't take a picture of it because Chester keeps running around. Very cute and obedient.

This is how a Golden Retriever looks like. He is a very huge dog and had a powerful loud bark. Read me, had. In order not to disturb the neighbours, the owner devoiced him. Poor thing.

Lastly, a Rottweiler. I swear it is the scariest dog on earth. This is just a picture I took from the Net. Looks cute on this picture but the real dog I saw was big and ferocious. It was barking so loud through the fence I thought it was gonna jump above the fence and attack me or something.

The uncle also grow plants like chillies, dragon fruits, orchids, petais.. I couldn't remember what else. This is one of my best macro shots of I-dunno-what-flower.

Feels so good being in that house.


fuzpeiz said...

they bisukan the dog?????
den y dun bisukan the other wan..
the black wan..the last one..
the one barked soooo loud at u??
y bisukan!!!!!
let them bark la..deng

newayz..i dun get it.. the worm tings..
wat carrot wat fat worm wat cereals?
the worm eat the cereals and carrots isit??
den the fish eat this worm isit???

belz said...

yeah the bisukan it. but now even though bisuka d the dog still can make some high pitch barkings which are still quite loud. the dog bark day and nite cant do anything i guess. whereas the rottweiler oni bark when see ppl.

aiyo. the worm leh, jau eat carrot and cereals geh. then the blind fish eat the worms which eat carrot and cereals lor. LOL. izit still confusing my dear?