Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back To School Once More

It had been four years since I left high school. Four years since I left my guidinghood.

But you know they say : Once a guide, always a guide. In my case, it definitely applies. I may have left school and girl guides/rangers, but the memories never left me.

Was back in school yesterday for what they call the four-years-once gathering by SMC. But this time, it was pure effort by the 4th Unit Rangers alone. Due to some circumstances, 7th and 8th Ipoh Company did not participate in the organisation of this year's gathering.

The theme was "The Revolving Realm". Don't ask me what does it mean.

Ahh, reminds me so much about "The Fortress Of Crystal".

Err.. Please ignore my face.

I couldn't help being an early bird in school though I went to bed at like 2 am. Managed to catch up with the marching competition participated by AMC, SMI, Poi Lam Scouts and ACS.

As time passed, I was too lazy to take my camera out to take pictures of the last two marching teams.

Later was joined by Mei Yann and Amy, and we went to Starbucks for breakfast. Evon came after that.

The weather was so killing that I was sticky as glue by the time we went back to school. Wondered around school with nowhere to go. In the end we entered the hall to find that the air-con was on. -_-

That is the Overall Champion trophy. Crazy 8-feet high.

Mr. Handphone Guy blocked my nice view of the picture.

There were so many people in the hall (but still not as many compared to 2005 =D), until my camera also cannot take the amount of CO2 in the hall. You can see tiny spots on the pictures. The hall was stuffy and smelt of sweat, if you went out and came into the hall again you have to take a deep breath to avoid yourself from fainting. When the lights were off, it practically turned into a errr.. disco with flashing lights and some unmatching disco lights.. which in short can be said a seafood nest - if you get what I meant. Also, it was pitch black and like I said due to the excessive amount of C02 there were mist in the hall wtf and I nearly bumped into the pillar 'cuz I couldn't see. Looks like the air-con wasn't much of a help.

I forgot which school was this scarf from but it goes something like a scout goes to a camp, and met a girl guide and they got married and then had a baby (which according to one of the judges look like a pebble drawn on the scarf). -_-

SMI with their two-layer banner. Hah, look where the idea of it came from.

AMC's banner.

49th Kinta Scouts. Nice banner but all I see is evil.

There were two "new" competitions which differs from the usual ones which were the Advertising Competition and also the Singing Competition. I have to compliment the 02 Kinta Scouts for their very persuasive advertising of the Barbie Doll. Also, to the AMC guides for their hard effort in composing a song and their lovely voice for the Singing Competition. It was a very touching song but sad to say I did not record their performance.

Anyway, after all the hoo-haa was the time to give out the awards.

I took all winners' pictures but since nobody posed for my camera most of 'em turned out to be blur. Blah.

I hope I got the winners right.

Best Marching - Poi Lam Scouts
Best Commander - SMI, AMC
Best Cooking - SMI
Best Sketch - ACS
Best Dance - AMC
Best Singing - AMC
Best Advertisement - SMI
Best Scarf Design - AMC
Best Banner Design - SMI
Iron Guide - AMC
Iron Scout - SMI
Signature Hunt - SMI
Most Supportive - Er, I still can't get the school's name right. I think it's Shan Yang or something like that.
Most Disciplined - AMC

And the Overall Champion went to..

02 Kinta Scouts. Again.

They stole my 8-feet trophy away from me =(

You see, the trophy may seem oh-so-almighty or even omg-it's-so-tall but it can be a hassle.

If you ain't careful enough you might just break it.

Anyhow, I guess it wasn't much of a problem because the boyfriend's brother looked superbly happy. But I mean, who wouldn't be happy right?

Though there was some poor time management, but all's well, ends well. That one day made me reminiscent about my yesteryears which only seemed to be yesterday. I miss school very much indeed.


n_Drew said...

Haha...sure la your brother in law happy...wakaka

leeweihoe said...

panda panda...y always say this day u got ah...i duno wanna call ur gf mrs bear or mrs da...panda geh da

belz said...

panda: -_-
weihoe: *thumbs up!*

chingy said...

ARGH I WANNNAAA GOOOOO! T_T Damn it damn it damn it. But banners macam tak cantik pun. >_<

belz said...

yeah, not very nice. mostly dragons and phoenixes. dun have ur banner maaa tats y. lol.

chingy said...

Haha true true! :D
I miss the gatherings gahhhh! :D

belz said...

smi gathering soon! end of may i think?