Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Cameras

It's been some time since I'd last visited the club/bar. So it was a visit to two last night, after Kopitiam, which was our usual spot.

Houz was superbly packed with human beings and it was so difficult to walk from one side to another. The songs were okay at first but soon it turned to trance and the songs were making me dizzy as it kept replaying the same tune over and over and over again. -_____-

Chun Pui and I were just beginning to drink when Victor said he wanted to go over to Barbeza. So the great Chun Pui downed hers in a matter of minutes and I downed mine as well. Hence, the look of a big round tomato. Grr..

Was supposed to go home as it was nearly 1 am but we made a stop in Barbeza. The stop which was supposed to last for 15 minutes ended up lasting an hour or so.

This was when my camera came in handy again, as always. Heh.

Chun Pui and I

Victor who was trying to be cute all night

Kei Joe, whom I haven't seen in ages

Whee my eyes, look so big heh

Excessive alcohol will lead to..


Double err..

Ended up doing things like posing 1 2 3 4 5.. and 6. Seriously no idea who came up with the idea. Was it you, Victor?

Look at the guys LOL

Definitely had fun with my camera. I love love love my camera. Heh.


fuzpeiz said...

ahhha..yea tel me since when u dun like cameras wan..hee hee

belz said...

errr.. no idea. i think in my next life oso i will love cameras. lol.

rokchin said...

hoi...tak ajak pun...den ill post!!! now my turn to get emo di...lolz..

belz said...

u pon tak balikkkk. ok! u'll be seven then. lol.