Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Just Love 'Em Fishes

Let me tell you another tale of fishes again.

This time it's not me hunting for fishes. It's the fishes that are hunting for me. *Inserts Jaws theme song*

Since I was bunking over at Maple's home a fortnight ago, I tagged along with her and two of her friends to Penang to find for another friend in Penang. (I just love to make things complicated.)

*Presses fast forward button*

We went to Queensbay Mall and walked until we saw a fish spa shop. We, being kiam sap people, made good use of our student ID because it was only RM19 for half an hour. The place was very cosy and comfortable and of course, relaxing as well.

Fish spa was fun! It was definitely ticklish at the first few minutes because the fishes were nibbling but later on got used to it.

All these while, I had very dry leg skin (this explains why I had the most fishes surrounding my feet). Even applying lotion couldn't help. After that half hour, I swore that my legs were smoother than my face. Then I started to have thoughts on whether they provide any full body fish spa. Heh.

Shwu Lynn and I

Didn't really take a lot of pictures because I was dead tired considering of the late night and productive day that I had the days before (last two posts respectively).

If you know of any affordable fish spa in KL or Ipoh, please let me know because I'm gonna go there like every single month! =D


ple said...

y no me picture? we took group pic wert.. aduh..

fuzpeiz said...

hahahah....i never dared to try those.i feel...geli alr..
but den ipoh got alot these kind of fish spa tingy d..especially here in pengkalan..
new open..
n it's cheap oso...if i m not mistaken..the price is..
i forgot!!!

belz said...

maple: i look damn dead thats y didnt post. lol.
peipei: nice ah! good for the skin. help me go check out the price la since u so free adi. haha. besides pengkalan leh? so far from my place.

fuzpeiz said...

ishh...pig la u...but wait..parade oso got la..those thai fella there..
but evibody went for the kaki urut..tat stupid fish..nobody go rendam kaki kasi makan kulit mati wo..
u can go try tho..

belz said...

yeameh? nvr realised the thai thingy had these fishies. i think thai ppl are famous for their kaki urut ma. sure go urut geh. haha.