Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fishing? Can Eat One Ah?

I never really told you guys about my first hand experience in fishing, huh?

Yes, fishing. Pancing ikan. It was on Labour Day. And I went, "God I can't believe I'm going fishing."

Fishing to me is the uncle-uncle type of hobby. Get the bait ready, throw it into the sea, wait, laze around, read magazines and newspapers, sleep and then it's either "Oh-there's-a-stupid-fish-who-ate-the-bait-Quick-pull-it-up" or "Stupid-fishes-didn't-eat-my-bait-Screw-you-fishes" ending. You get me.

Cut things short, around 5pm we started our journey to Lumut.

We had the driver..

And the front passenger..

And the back passengers..

After much brainstorming to decide where to fish , we came here!


I also dunno where actually.

Got all the baits in here

Pail, for I-dunno-what.

Fishing rods.

And we're ready to get started!

First, you camwhore!

Nah, just kidding.

First you gotta have everything you need for fishing, duh.

Untangle the strings.

Wash the pail.

Get the bait.

Pose with the bait aka as dead fish.

Cut the bait into half.

Pose again with the half fish and laugh real evil.

While they get things ready you can camwhore.

After all those I think you can start fishing already.

And you wait.

Take some nice pictures.

Watch the sun set.

Then you wait some more.

And take some more pictures.

Then you still wait some more.

Act as though you caught a shark.

But with the rod still straight.

Or play police and robber.

And in the end, you'll realize that you are eating ginkgo (sek pak kor) when tons and tons of mosquitoes come after you. That's the time to pack up and leave and catch on some dinner.

But before you catch dinner, hijack a ship and take photos.

Salted egg craps.

I mean salted egg crabs.

After feeding your tummies, say cheese and take a group picture!

Lesson of the day: Don't go fishing on Labour's Day because the fishes are on holiday.

And that brings the end of 'Mabel's Guide to Fishing'.

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