Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of Bestie And Nano

BFF Vivien is back for summer. Woot! Er, I mean it's summer in US so she's back.

I must keep myself healthy for this one week for fear of being quarantined because of H1N1. LOL. But likewise I told many people, the bacterias would probably all die since she's in Las Vegas and it's a hot hot desert. Plus, no cases there.

Oh, well.

It was first time meet up yesterday after the KL trip that she made back in January. We *takes a deep breath* went to her new house in Jelapang, did some chit-chatting, went back to her current house, showered, went to her aunt's house for dinner, went to the night market and later on Kopitiam again. Phew.

When we got back to her current home, she went up to her room and took out this thingy.

"Eh, I got this for you. I dunno you'll like the colour or not. But red okay right? Got a lot of colours but I chose red."

I seriously got stunned for a moment. And then I went, "You serious shit??"

And she was like, "Yeahhh", with the very convincing eyes.

My bestie bought me an Ipod Nano. Feel like crying. T.T

Although I'm such a noob because I dunno how to operate this Apple/Mac/Ipod thingy but very touched lor. So I must learn how to use Itunes already hor! Music is my life and this is like a heaven-sent gift so I won't die in hostel when I return for my final year.

I love you, Vivien! =D I've always loved you.

Please don't get me wrong.

So today we went out again. Together with her sister, Jillian, Maple, June and Mei Yann. Lunch at Black Canyon and later on karaoke in KBox.

My favourite Fusilli Tom Yum!

Screaming-our-lungs-out time!

Maple, please don't say I didn't upload your pictures anymore. LOL.

As you can clearly see from the pictures, something was terribly wrong with her as she couldn't even let me snap a proper picture with her. Sheesh. Must the the effect of jet-lag.

We had so much fun screaming and laughing and singing and making weird sounds. And that is probably why it started to rain when we left. Heh.


fuzpeiz said...

u jus need to type my dear..
wats with the take deep breathe tingy..hahhahhaa

belz said...

i like ah. as i type i need to recall and recite out. can't meh? blow meh? HMPH!