Friday, May 22, 2009

Bouncing Back To KL

I'm leaving back to KL for my final year in approximately, err.. 12 minutes! And I can still find the time to blog here.

I'm hoping to get an internet line in my hostel room. (Yes, I'm still stuck there. I can't believe I actually lived there for three years and am going to live there for another. Damn.)

If I can get the line, I can also blog more! Chat more! Facebook more!

But I also have to study more. Damn you 0.03! I will remember you for the rest of my life. You caused me to lose stuff that is valuable to me. Twice! Grr.. I need to buck up and kick some ass in this one year. So please do not avoid me if you see a nerd because I do not have a choice actually. Sigh.

I don't have the time to write much so come back here to see whether I'm still dead or alive okay? Till then!


fuzpeiz said...

wat o.o3 supposed to mean ler???

belz said...

err.. that is bu neng suo de mi mi. muahaha.

rokchin said...

lol....that muz be.... ahem! since 0.03 den can score di wor..not bad!

belz said...

ahem ahem wat leh? lol. got stg geh. tell here means tell whole world liau.