Saturday, June 13, 2009

Final Year Is Tiring

I'm still alive. Not to worry.

Decided to just post something in here because somebody complained that looking at the "Bouncing Back To KL" heading was very boring. So somebody, please appreciate that I'm giving you another different heading to read!

After three weeks in college, I feel tired already. Mentally. This semester I will be taking ACCA's P1 Professional Accountant, P2 Corporate Reporting and P3 Business Analysis. No, it's not just three subjects only mah. I feel like dying everyday. I feel like jumping of a cliff. I feel like I want to just stay home and not do anything at all.

The passing rates for these subjects are 50% or maybe even lower than that. Die.

Some of my lecturers are kind enough to motivate us to work hard. But not all are like that. They actually go, "How are you all going to study this subject with your attitude like this? This subject needs matured thinking and with this attitude I can guarantee that you cannot pass (this subject)."

Indirectly, he/she is just trying to say that we are going to fail. That I am going to fail. What type of lecturer is that?! He/She didn't only said it once. I find him/her repeating that meaning each time in lecture. The lecturer is growing the "I'm gonna fail" seed right into my brain.

Sigh. Stress. I do not want to fail.

I have been bucking, revising notes when I feel like it and going through tutorial questions. But I don't think it's quite enough. Next week, there will be two tests. I actually brought my text book back although tomorrow (or maybe later on today) I will be heading to Vivien's new crib for the housewarming and also her 21st. Anyhow, I have a feeling I won't open the book.

It's gonna be a torturous year for me. I have my internal (college) final exam on 23rd to 25th September. With two weeks break in between (study break, mind you). Right after that, there'll be extensive revision classes for the external (ACCA) exam on 14th to 16th December. And the week right after the external exam would be the second and final semester. Second semester's internal exam will be in April and after that, will still be stucked with revision classes for the June external papers. And after external, if everything is fine with the internal exam's results, it will be time for me to fly to UK to get my degree in Sheffield Hallam's University.

That, is one hell of a schedule. Which normal human being wouldn't be exhausted with that kinda schedule?

I have to play hard tomorrow. 'Cuz I don't think I'll be having a good 21st this year.

Laksa and lok-lok, wait for me.

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