Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Most Expensive Lok-Lok Ever

Last Saturday, was in Krave for drinks. And later that night, Sincero. To cut things short, it was a boring night. Well, that's not what I'd wanted to blog about.

Halfway during Krave, Victor, Andrew and I went out since it was quite noisy.

Then, Andrew made way for the lok-lok lorry not far away from Krave and soon Victor and I found ourselves there too.

Both of them started eating and did arithmetical calculation as to how much the sticks had cost them. The lok-lok wasn't cheap, mind you.

Victor's last stick was the most expensive one that I had ever seen. RM 3 per stick.

And it looked something like this.


Victor chomping IT down!

Nom nom nom..

Okay. That's all.

Nothing much. I just wanted to show you guys the picture of the sausage. Heh.

And a picture from that night in Sincero.

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