Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remembering The Days In Turquoise


One of the best things that could happen on earth.

It's really amazing how each one of us can still babble like crazy just like how we did during our high school days. And needless to say, it's amazing to see the changes we all had since 2005.

I just love reunions so much. We get together, have a cuppa and talk about stupid things that we do back then and we all can feel young again together! Ain't it great?

It's so good seeing Lammie after so long. Still as bubbly.

You see me here, fooling with Jo's DSLR, looking like Cyclops.

Just got a hair cut. Looked like crap.

The next day; at Ee Ling's crib for karaoke.

*Brighter pictures credits to Pui Yun.

There's more but I've yet to get 'em. This shall settle for the time being.


puiyun said...

"Just got a hair cut. Looked like crap."

ai... what crap. you look good.

belz said...

it just looked.. weird. haha. but thanks. hehe.

sarah said...

schweet :)

ps: haircut rocks on you!

belz said...

lol thanks! but it has grown outta shape now :S