Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Mask & The Hair & The List

As we all well know, the A(H1N1) flu pandemic is rising. Everywhere, you can see people donning on masks to prevent themselves from getting the virus.

I, too, have put on my mask.

But I guess the mask isn't gonna help me curb the virus, eh?

On the other matter (my hair), it's happening again! *SHRIEKS!*

Another angle

This is my hair loss after washing my hair. Only one round of washing, mind you.

I don't wanna go to Yun Nam Hair Care leh.

Sighs x 974152140520 times.


The birthday is coming up. But since the birthday is coming up, it also means that THE FINAL EXAMS are also coming up. Urgh. To be honest, I'd never got a good chance to celebrate the birthday since 2005.

2005 - SPM Trials. 2006 -2009 Bloody TARC Final Exams.

If all goes well for me in college, I wouldn't be able to celebrate it next year too. Because I'll be flying up high in UK! Woot. Let me cross my fingers and toes first.

Anyway, the birthday list. Wuahaha.

i) I'll faint of joy if anyone can spend me on Marie France Bodyline. Lol.

ii) Wii. Good for exercising. Hee.

iii) DSLR Camera!!!! God I'm in love with 'em.

iv) Burning off the final exam question papers. Especially P2 Corporate Reporting.

Okay that was a whole load of crap.

I don't know what I want. Go figure out yourselves.


Sweeli ❤ said...

Your mask is so cute! Lols!
And ur hair dropping at that rate is kinda scary. I hear my seniors saying that after they joined adv, their hair started to fall as well. *grim*

belz said...

yeahh got kiwi pattern one. lol. abt my hair, its not the first time its happening. if u'd read the first post in this blog there's a pic where my scalp had this bald patch ard the size of a 50 cent. reli scaryyy~