Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pre-Birthday Makan

My parents came down to KL for the weekend to "celebrate" the birthday. Not really of a celebration but we just went out for dinner and had some us-time.

Bro #2 recommended to go to a makan place in Kepong, which was Tak Fook Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant. He said the place will be packed so we left home early, around 5.30pm. Being there five minutes earlier saved us from waiting too long.

Bro #2 and #1, who was looking rather blur.

We had six dishes on our table:

Vegetables fried with belacan.

Steamed Kam Foong Fish.

Roasted Chicken.

Sweet & Spicy Crabs.

And cute little man tous to go with the sauce.

Last but not the least ('cuz it's my favourite among all)..

Salted Egg Crabs!

I had so much fun licking all the bits and pieces of salted egg off my crab. Yummy yummy. Their meat were succulent and fresh too. The place was also famous for their Cheese Crab but since the mother do not consume anything produced from cows, we didn't order that.

Taking into account the never-ending crab-eating marathon, the bill came up only to RM109.90. Woot. Bro #1 spent us on dinner.

We left for shopping at Ikano after that. Walked our legs off and now it hurts so badly. But it's all worth it for a quality us-time. Loves.


Rokchin said...

i think i noe where issit! XD

belz said...

let's go next time! :D