Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post-Birthday Dinner

These are the photos taken with Melvin's camera during my post-birthday makan session.

(Again, copied.)

We were at Mid Valley's Delicious.

The atmosphere was nice. Me likey. But of course, for everything nice in a place, you gotta pay for it.

My cup of Iced Lemon Tea was RM9.90. I took my first sip, my face ended up looking all scrunched up. Damn sour lor.

Then Rocky pointed at the mini white jug at the side and said, "Then you think they gave you this for what ah?"

Paiseh paiseh. This high class place, need to add sugar by yourself one.

Rok's Black Coffee looking very foamy.

Melv's. Dunno what it's called.

I ordered Nyonya Curry Laksa. It was my most expensive laksa I'd ever eaten in my life, I swear. Couldn't remember the exact price but it was at least around RM20. See, I told you there's a price to pay for nice environments.

Rok's spaghetti.

Him chomping down his dinner.
Nom nom nom.

We ordered dessert, and meanwhile it was camwhore time again!

This was random. Really!

Ta da!

Brownies with vanilla ice-cream. Yummm..

It was damn damn damn good! So sinful.

And here's a picture of me with my tongue piercing. Just realized I never did post anything about it. The stud is striking bluish green now.

That's all. Thanks to both Rocky and Melvin for the company that night. Definitely added to the memory of my 21st. :)

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