Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Golden Arches Restaurant

The internet connection is really being a slow bitch right now. Must be due to the multiple quakes these few days. It happened again; the tsunami. Mother Earth is getting angry again 'cuz her eruption five years ago did not seem to sink into the minds of human nature. We are all, one day, gonna die in Her hands. It's just the matter of time. Sighs.

That's just me being very random I know. And I sound so emo as though I'm gonna die anytime. =3

Anyway, today the topic is.. *drum roll* McDonalds!

Do you guys know that I'm hopeless in saying 'no' to McD? I love McD with all my heart. Who can resist their burgers, nuggets and their superb French Fries?? Not forgetting their Sundae Cone and McFlurry!

I cannot.

If you can, you are such an alien. Please kick yourself to Planet Mars thank you very much.

But a few days back, a friend posted this video in Facebook and suddenly I feel damn gross eating McD.

If you wanna continue eating McD then don't watch this video. This video really best - I think I'll probably stop touching McD for the time being.

I'm really curious whether this is actually true and part of me wants to conduct the experiment. But, Mum would probably kill me for housing those "snowy" things and causing the house to stink. Also, getting my hands into the experiment might just kill my appetite for McD forever and ever.

Wassup with the fries man?? Seriously what the heck is it made of?!



Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine the fries is still inside my stomach when i consume it 10 yrs ago... Damm gili lo..

belz said...

yep the effects of fast food..

mind to leave ur name, anon? :)

Anonymous said...

uhhh...does the food stuck inside ur stomach for such a LONG time???
ur body wil digest it and everything that cant be digest wil be turn into SHIT...that movie is a BULLSHIT..

belz said...

umm. i'd really appreaciate if u leave ur name anon..

chengz said...

Didnt watch the vid- bro+dad finished off quite a bit of my internet quota.
Thengy wanted to watch it but in the end said no coz she STILL wanted to hv MCDees!
FYI she just ate McD's breakfast: Pakat-ed with my bro, then got everything at the drive thru

In the meantime I'm too busy kicking myself off to mars. Lol i'm that alien ok :)

belz said...

chengy! so nice to see u drop a comment in here. heh.

ask thengy to stop eating mcd she gotta trust this wai sik friend of hers lol~ when u get ur internet quota back force her to watch it! she'll prolly need one less of her useless diets. HAHA.

ur last two sentences really cracked me up. LOL.