Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blind As A Bat


There are two types of pk.

Pk #1: Spent all your money that you are left with none/less than enough for your survival.
Pk #2: Stupidly fell down.

Guess which pk I had?


Was waiting for my friend to come down from her room in hostel. So I was enjoying the evening breeze and the clouds.

Stepped onto a platform to get a better view of the sky.

You see, the platform had this small little gap for water to flow into the drain when it rained.

Right leg was at the red cross and since I didn't see the gap, left left was on the blue cross. So the whole of my left body slipped into the drain. FML.

The good was, my right butt landed on platform so only my left leg was in the drain. The other was, lucky thing the drain was dry. Otherwise I would end up smelling like the fucking drain water.

But for everything good, there is equally the bad side of it. Just like Yin and Yang.

There was a small cut on my toe and worse, my left thigh grazed against the cemented platform. FMLx2! I sat on my butt for at least five seconds without moving because the pain was so much and it made my leg numb. Thank God nobody was looking (I hope) because it was so embarrassing. But here am I sharing the fall with you guys. -__________-

The damage inflicted: skin grazed off & fiery burning sensation. Hallelujah because I was wearing three quarter khakis because if not for that, I would have bled until I died. I had to (and still have to) walk terkangkang and the sight of me walking is like as though I've got something stuck in my a*****e. Had to even adjust myself while sitting so that I'll land more on my right butt instead of sitting on both sides of the butt. T.T

Today I woke up and walking was even more painful because there's a big ass blue black spot.


Hurts really badly okay?!

Going to the toilet is a troublesome task now. *Grumble grumble*

I already have four eyes but am still blind. FMLx3!

Update: (Wednesday @ 041109)

Why is it getting from bad to worse?????????? URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Fiona said...

that was... colourful.. hope it fades away fast. =)

belz said...

colourful and painful. :(