Monday, November 9, 2009

The Littlest Things

If you wondered where I went for the past few days, well, I just got back from a small "vacation" although I'm supposed to be studying. From three days, it was extended to four and later was extended to five.

Definitely enjoyed every minute and every second of it even though I was stuck in the house for five days without going anywhere. Got back just this evening and now I'm super emo-fied. Typing this makes me wanna tear. *Sob*

Spent few days with my babysitter before she heads back to Penang tomorrow. Talked about lotsa stuff, eg. things we did when I was young etc. I can't go into details else I will really end up crying. I'd miss her already.

You might think it's weird that I'm so sticky to her though she's not Chinese but sometimes, you just gotta believe in fate. Our birthdays fall on the same date and our mothers' birthdays fall on the same date. Funny huh?

I would love to tell more but, cannot. My eyes won't work with me and they are starting to tear .

Pictures of my and my queen.

Penang @ 2007

Penang @ 2008

Okay bye. *Runs off to wipe tears*


dr 1/6 said...

that's so sweet = ) i never knew you had an indian baby sitter.

belz said...

yeah she's my 2nd momma. hehe.