Friday, December 25, 2009

Pre-Yuletide Mam Mam

Warning: Lots of nonsense ahead.

The hostel mates plus a few other friends decided to have our own way of celebrating Yuletide this year. The initial plan was to go clubbing on the Eve, but since majority were returning back to their homes, we ended up going for dinner on the eve of the Eve. In two cars, we went all the way to Kepong for this eat-all-you-can buy-5-free-1 steamboat.

Sausages that look like.. testicles?

I also dunno what they were checking out.

(Pardon my piggy face for the night.)

HAHAHA we were supposed to act gangsta and I ended up looking like I'm constipated!

The awkward smile.

"Chicken essence + leftover chicken bones"

A toast to the festive season!

They all actually shouted "YAMMMMMM SENG!"

The disaster we made.

Julie's absolutely disgusting ice-cream.

A groupie 'fore we leave.

Adjourned to Desa Parkcity after that.

Look what I saw!
(Only perverted minds can understand lol)





After walking almost 2-3 kms around the park, it was time to call it a day.

Back to Setapak we went.

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