Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Second Concert!

Ahn yeong!

Much to your relief, I'm finally back! Got rid of my exams and for the time being I'm all ready for the festive season and New Year!

To my beloved frequent readers, sorry 'cuz you guys gotta bear with dreaming crabs and all sorts of things due to my previous post. Well now, you've got new things to feast your eyes upon.

Way before my exams, I decided that I would reward myself for jamming my brain with tons and tons of knowledge. The reward was a concert by.. my idol my future husband my honey Raymond Lam.

The boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me and sit there for two and half hours for RM258 (the boyfriend is not very fond of RL because I go gaga over RL all the time lol). I mean, what more can you ask for? And most importantly, he did not fall asleep.

RL is really damn good at singing live! Not even a glitch. He even walked around the arena but no, I couldn't get hold of him fml.

So near yet so far.

I only had my pink overalls that night because I didn't expect it to rain. Worst of all, the wind was damn strong and damn cold so I was shivering until my teeth clattered. ROAR!

Him warming himself up while I was still shivering even in his jacket.

There's not much to elaborate but it was a good good night.

Thanks, Boyfriend. <3

Lots more coming up. Stay tuned.

And Merry Christmas everyone!

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