Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cameron Highlands: #2


So far, only received three red packets. Oh well. Will be heading back to Mother J's hometown back in Taiping tomorrow. I've been stuffing myself with lotsa food and I think by the end of the week I'll be so bloated up just like a balloon :(

Anyways, finally got the pictures taken in Camerons from Vic! Awesome pics I would say. How can you not love a DSLR?

Day 1
Left home around 9 plus in the morning for dried curry noodles in town.

Vic's (not so) brand new hairstyle!

Nom nom nom..

A cute lil boy on the next table nomming on toasts.

First stop was Green View Garden.

God knows what was I doing.


The girls.

Being Superwomen.

Group shot with Vic's wide lens!

Second stop was the Boh Tea Farm.

Lovely place with lotsa greenery.

Bernard and his cousin, Melanie.

Hoi Wee and Xiow Wei.

All four taken at the same place but all different colours :/

Later, Mike and Casey joined us too.

This is what you call ignorant.

Had light lunch at the Boh Tea Cafe.

We were seated at the suspended edge and Bernard freaked out like a mad person.

Ordered scones, pies, cakes.. I dunno what else. And tea of course. Teh Gunung Chantek. Or Chantik. Whatever la.

To refill it with hot water, need to pay money one. RM0.50 per pax, RM1 for two pax and so on. They earn like mad hor! Us being kiamsap people, needless to say did not bother to refill. So the last half pot of tea was super thick! And how it tasted, should be shown beneath in the pics.

The taste was indescribable. Lol.

Feel so Bollywood! HAHA.


Went back to our rented house. It was comfy! Except for my room because the lights weren't working. Took a rest and then, steamboat for dinner. No pics in Vic's camera and yet to get the rest from Hoi Wee.

So that's about it for Day 1. Tiring!

I damn sleepy la. Continue in next post. Hehe.

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