Monday, February 8, 2010


This time around, I didn't spend as much time as I'd wanted with Thengy.

Firstly, her duration back here was totally short - only a month - because she had to work before she was back and then head back to Perth earlier for some matters.

Secondly, our timing was totally out. The first weekend she was back, I went to Genting. Came back the second weekend to meet her up. Third weekend I had to stay back in KL to study for my midterm tests. Fourth weekend, I came back but she was in KL fol. Finally got to meet her yesterday. Phew. Sometimes timing is really so important it can be so frustrating when it doesn't go the way you want it to go.

Headed to JJ to do some shopping for both her and I yesterday. I love shopping with her; she helps when I pick my stuffs and I help when she picks her stuff. (But I think she helped me more than I helped her yesterday - at least I didn't have to crack my head so hard to think what to get for the bf.)

Outings with Thengy always have to involve food.

Behind the scenes - very very tiring taking one single pic with her cuz she need to pose damn long one. Ish.

This is Chengy!

Fail~ Cannot see my face.

Thengy said fail~ 'Cuz I stand like I wanna shit wtf lol.

Finally pass.

Today was another outing again, this time with MeiYann and Maple.

They watched me eat my fav tom yum in Black Canyon and I watched them eat toasts in Food and Tea. -______-

This is one stupid peanut butter thick toast. Damn jai.

My eyes big mou? Big mou big mou??!! XD

Continued with karaoke. Screamed our lungs out like mad people.

Took my camera out to take a pic. Then the battery was gonna die so I told Thengy we should camwhore kao kao until the battery dies lol! Warn you first that there are some many syok sendiri pics ahead.


Still normal.

Sticking tongues out.

Act sad. Fail~

Extremely happy lol.

Act angry but Thengy smiling wtf. TOTAL FAILURE HAHA!

Act crazy.

Act skinny face hahahahahaha.



Plenty more but I need my life badly so I shall not post them in here.

Seconds just before my camera died.

Thengy will be leaving a day after tomorrow. Won't be able to see her during CNY this year. Sad. No angpao from her mama.

I was kidding. Sheesh. It'll be 10 months later when I see her once more. T.T

I'm gonna miss her.

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