Monday, May 3, 2010

The Post-Exam Stress Relief

As promised :)

24th April 2010 - we made our way up to the highlands just to chill and release all those thousand and one facts in my brain. Supposed to head somewhere else but didn't due to some reasons. :(

I took one!

Not nice I know :(

He took one.


Did this scare you? Lol.

I took one I took one!

Damn nice I know! :D

My smile was from :D to :)

Tired tau?

Us again!

Thank you boyfy for taking me all the way there. And you should thank me 'cuz of the donation from Uncle Lim eh!


fiki wiki said...

where was this?

belz said...

hi babe? afiqah right? :) it was genting highlands..