Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Studying Phase

It just got into me that my studying days will be over. Well, specifically, my TARC days.

These four years was not an easy one (ie staying in the stupid hostel for four years!). I still remember crying over what course to take up when I just finished SPM, to leaving home, to struggling in trying to mingle with Chinese-speaking people with my absolutely horrible Mandarin, etc.

But in a blink of an eye, all of that is gonna be over. Soon. It's amazing how time flies. And that is no wonder that time and tide wait for no man.

Diploma Year 2

Strangle him! Always do last minute job.

Advanced Diploma Year 2.

*Too lazy to search for more pictures out of my 12gb pictures folder.

Will be going back to college for revision classes for a week and then everything would be in my hands (and God's).

The plan for now is to fight against my last two enemies on June 10th and 11th. If I don't make it, I will fight against them again in later December this year.

And *jeng jeng jeng*, there comes the working life.

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