Tuesday, June 15, 2010


UK: Monday (140610); 2130 hours

Hello everybody!!

I'm safe and sound in Sheffield now. The place here is awesome! Erm, except for the weather. It's superbly cold especially when the wind blows. Think I need to get a pair of gloves soon. Lol.

Anyway, let's go back all the way to the start. I finished my ACCA papers on Friday and left hostel the very same evening. Since I was tired, it can be said that the packing was only done on Saturday itself, the very same day I was leaving! Imma superwoman!

Full to the brim!

25.9 kg man.. carry until I nearly died.

While checking in.

Went to McD to sit and pass time while waiting to enter the gates. And look what my two brothers were doing..

Watching World Cup match on the handphone -_-

Momma dearest.

My family!

I miss you fatty.

4 something in the morning @ Dubai.

My friend and I barely slept on the way from KL to Dubai because the seats were kinda uncomfortable. I even watched When In Rome and The Spy Next Door.

Sleepyheads who didn't looked too sleepy.

12.35pm @ Manchester.

Practically 17 hours after I first left.

Sit in airplane until butt also numb.


Otw to Sheffield.

Along the way.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the scenery. Lots of large green fields. It was perfect for photo-taking. However, I only got my digital camera but not too bad lah! The memory will be captured forever in my mind.

Moo moo cow nomming on grass.


So furry I think if can hug them to sleep sure damn nice (minus the smell though lol)

There were horses and ponies too! All these pictures where taking on a moving bus so might be a little blur. I didn't take too many too 'cuz I was dead tired, seriously.

I've heard about houses in the USA and UK not having any fences or main gates. Now I got to see them with my own eyes.

Fence was the row of flowers only! No gates!

If this were houses in Malaysia, I think gone~ All robbed.

Some more there's chimney for the robbers to climb in. Guarantee gone~

I guess this is all for now. 2213 hours now but the sky looks like it's 1930 in Malaysia. Very sleepy too; I've been walking the whole day!

So how do you like Sheffield? :)

Next will be on my first day in university.


fiki wiki said...

Wow, how long are you there for?
I think Hidayah (Kamarul Bhrin if you remember) also just arrived Glasgow a few days ago.

belz said...

i'll be here 3 months for studies, after that prolly tour around. hmm, can't really rmb. must have a look at the pictures haha..