Saturday, July 10, 2010


UK: Friday (090710); 2130 hours.

I'm making all of you hungry.. AGAIN. :p

Pak Choy, bought for £1.59!!!!!


We're gonna burn holes in our pockets by just eating vegetables!

Today, my friends & I went to Castle Market to get our food supplies.

And then I bought a crazily huge egg tart! For 85 pence.

Nah liddis so big.

Super big lehhhh??

We roasted spicy hot chicken which was very yummy!

(But actually not hot and spicy at all -_-!)

And also big onions omelet, which was more of a 'big onions scrambled eggs' because the eggs stuck unto the pan. *Sad*

And wrapped up with a ice-cream cone for dessert.

I'm starting to love cooking but the bad part of this is that I run out of ideas very fast. Sighs.

Anyways, please pray that all of you back home can recognize me when I touch down Malaysia. -_-

P/S: Going Stonehenge tomorrow! Wait for my updates! :D


sarah said...

that is a bloody huge egg tart!

ah i miss ipoh's egg tarts from pasar malam.

woman, check out, the lady there has AMAZING easy recipes =)

the internet is your best friend when it comes to cooking =)

youtube has tonnes of videos as well, which is better than just reading recipes coz you get to seehow they make the stuff.

have fun!

belz said...

yeahhh super humongous!! i ate like half for lunch and was so full already. i miss ipoh's egg tarts too T_T

thanks loads for the info sarah! :D