Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Castleton, Peak District

UK: Wednesday (250810); 0035 hours.

This was on 150810, but didn't have the time to blog about it; thanks to the high pile of workload that I have.

The place is a small town, surrounded by lots of greens.

We headed to Peveril Castle once we were there. Paid a £3.60 entrance fee.

Going up!

Taking a break.

Steep like mad. -_-

And finally there! Phew~

View from the top.

Bits and pieces of the castle.

Enjoying the sun.

Act cool hohoho.

Towards the dungeon.

Down we went.

Next was Limestone Way.


We climbed up halfway (not even half actually) and decided to come down because we didn't know how long would it take us to reach to the top.

We sesat jalan.

Found a farm later on.

With a pregnant pony.

Whatchu looking at?

They drank dirty water. Yucks.


Bought some candies.

This is called Millions - £1.10 per 100 grams.

And some SUPER sour apple candy - £1.30 per 100 grams.

That's all.

Abrupt ending from me. I need some sleep. Nights!

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