Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Last Chapter: Sheffield

I nearly started my post with > UK: Saturday (231010); 0210 hours. And then I remembered that I'm already back home. -_-

Damn I miss Sheffield so much. :'(

Promised promised promised myself to return there sometime in the future. I miss my room in Charlotte Court. I miss walking 20 minutes in the cool breeze to Uni. I miss going grocery shopping. I miss experimenting in the kitchen. Omg I miss so many things. I know, it's weird to be missing stuffs in Malaysia when I'm over there and when I'm back here I'm missing things back in the UK.

Human nature.

It was awesome being overseas even though it wasn't for a long period. (In a way thank goodness I wasn't there longer because I might have turned into a big fat giant.)

I came to know of different types of people: kiasu ones, kiasi ones, ignorant ones, selfish ones, pretentious ones, free-riders, attention-seekers, etc. Not forgetting those who were really my friends.

These four months would be a once-in-a-lifetime memory that I will never ever forget. Definitely would not have the chance to experience it if not for my parents who sent me there. Thank you Ma and Pa.

Sheffield, you will always be a part of me.

Damn. I wanted to update something cheerful in here but it turned out emo. Hahaha.

Currently filtering all the photos taken during the one month travel period. The amount of photos can seriously make me go bonkers. I swear.


fiki wiki said...

huh? ur done with uk?

belz said...

yes babe i'm done with uk. :) miss the place terribly.

fiki wiki said...

so fast one you balik!! how come so skejap u were there?

belz said...

yeah 3 months. some collaboration thing between my college in msia and the uni in uk. wished i could stay there longer haha.