Thursday, December 23, 2010

#2: Netherlands

And so, the journey on the coach continued to Holland.

Loads and loads of clogs!

Super huge ones too.

Mini windmill.

Plenty of cheese. Yums~


Pretty girls. :p

Continued by visiting a DIAMOND factory. Or outlet. Or something.

Not like we had the money to buy them. -_-

A basic way to know whether a diamond is genuine or not is to draw a line and put the diamond on it. If it is genuine, you will not be able to see the line through the diamond.

So yes, that is a genuine diamond. Forgot how many carats it was but it would surely cost a bomb!

Went on to the Red Light District. Lots of prostitutes, strip clubs and sex shops. The ladies would be in their best lingerie, standing/sitting by the huge pane of window, waiting for customers. It would cost around €50 per hour for a session.

It wasn't ALL a pretty sight, trust me. No pictures allowed in that area because bouncers would come up to you and smash your camera, as you are being disrespectful to these ladies.

For those who do not know, prostitution and drugs are legal in Netherlands.

Introducing our coach driver for the two weeks - Zoltan!

Went for this boat ride tour thing after dinner. Nothing much to see really. -_-

And back to the hotel we went.

And stumbled upon the best toilet bowl in the world!

No more splashes to your butt cheeks when you're doing big businesses!

Jeng jeng jeng~ Space cakes.

Sends you to space after eating it.

Or so it seems because I didn't go to space. Lol.

Tasted like chocolate cake with grass in it.

Day 3.


This explains why I got fatter didn't it?

Next - Germany.

P/S: Merry Christmas everyone! <3

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