Monday, December 27, 2010

#3: Germany

Journey continued from Holland to Luxembourg first.

Okay I just Google-d and found out that Luxembourg is a country itself, surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium, so it meant that I was in eight countries instead of seven. And I thought it was part of Germany. My bad my bad.

Adolphe Bridge behind us.

Jean and I with an on-duty guard.

Headed to Germany after doing all the sightseeing. First stop and last stop for the night was at Rhine Valley - for dinner.

This soup, I think I also know how to boil.

Carrots, onions, leeks and potatoes and just boil. -_-

German beer for €2.20.

Pork knuckles which was not too bad.

And awesome possum custard pudding. Or something.


It was back to hotel after that, and I became some sort of a legend.

Drinking in my Rangers shirt = my pajamas in a bar. *Thumbs up*

My Wei Zen beer + Coke which was €2 (~ RM8).

And came all the craziness.

The locals treated us to some drinks. To "welcome" us. All of them shots. *Faints*

Baileys + Vodka??


I gave up on the last three because my head was spinning hahaha.

Final shot was some shit that was like traditional Chinese oil or dit ta jau.

Smelled and tasted like urghhhh.

2/5 and I nearly got pawned for the night lol~

Definitely had a good sleep!

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