Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Island Of Sin [ Part I ]

Finally received most of the pictures taken in Redang. Thanks Boon Hoong! =) Still more pictures with Woon Chun - somewhere missing in Seremban. So no pictures of underwater scenery yet. (Underwater scenery? Is that right?)
I don't know where to start from. It was such a great trip we had and my memories of it are all jumbled up. So let me have a moment to rewind my brain memory.


We left for Kuala Terengganu on Monday night, 12th May at 11pm by bus. Konsortium bus, mind you. It sped on the highway like nobody's business so we reached at like 5.30am the next morning. And since it sped, we, the victims sitting at the back seats of the bus, couldn't get a good night's sleep. Felt so tired even before the fun's begun.

The conflict begun when the organizer and some of her friends missed the bus at PWTC. And don't know which person on earth came up with the statement that we couldn't board the resort's bus to Merang Jetty without some stupid shit card and also we can't check-in without the organizer. Okay, so just imagine. Everyone was so tensed - the excitedness became stress, thinking of how are we going to get into the resort. Anyhow, we waited like stupid fools at the Kuala Terengganu Bus Station tanpa arah. You know, like browsing at the shops there, looking at people, asking each other what's next and what we're supposed to do. Till this guy came and asked us to check with the Redang Bay bus conductor whether we're supposed to board the bus to the jetty.


We stopped for breakfast somewhere and later on headed to the jetty. I nearly had a heart attack because the boat seemed like it was overloaded and it was literally crashing against the surface of the sea.

Finally stepped our foots on the island. I look so horrible in here.

The moment we came down from the boat, this guy came up to us to welcome us.

Him: Hello. Welcome to Singapore!
Me: (With the funny look towards him) Singapore?? Bukan Redang ker?
Him: (Laughs) Oh yeah, Redang. Cincai saje lar, ape-ape saje. Enjoy your stay here!
Me: (Laughing as well) Okay. (Walks away)
Angel: For a moment I thought I came to Singapore without my passport. (Laughs)

Damn jadou. He turns out to be the best looking beach boy there. Damn, I can't take my eyes of him.

Without wasting no time, we had a small briefing, checked into our rooms, changed our clothes and jumped into the water! *Wheeee* After lunch, we joined a big group of people and headed to Marine Park for snorkelling. The fishes there are really hungry, I tell you. Throw bits and pieces of bread and they will all surround you for more. I don't know where the photographer was missing - the underwater photographer I meant - so there are no pictures of us being there that day.

Had fun on the beach, went to see fishes in the surrounding area. Got so many bawal putih's - if I could I would have caught some back and save them for dinner. Anyway, let's fast forward the time. Went back to the room to take our bath and get ready for dinner. And wa-la! NO WATER! (wtfcelakababibbqstupidlousy!) Administration said that the water pressure was low so had to wait for a while. Lucky us girls, we took our bath earlier on. Poor guys - with water dripping worse than someone peeing, how to mandi la? And worst of all, please have a look at the picture below:

They provide us with teh tarik water to bathe! How nice.

After dinner, all the craziness started.

Note: I'm not the only poser on earth.

Redang's Angels. My watch so berkilat-kilat.

This picture damn nice. I like it so much.

Mine turned out horrible. Garh!

We walked to the other end of Pasir Panjang Beach where the More More Tea Inn is located.

Am I Ah Niu? Aroro.

Didn't take lots of photos on the first night. We were all tired and worn out. Moreover, it was so hot because there wasn't any wind blowing. We ended up all sweating with tissues stucked to our faces. The day ended early as we returned to our rooms and got ready for bed. Thanks to Ling Kian for disturbing me, I had to chase him around the room with the double-decker bed ladder - ended up sleeping around 1am, or was it 2am?

That's for Day 1. What a long post.

More pictures up next!

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