Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lo And Behold [ Part II ]

More updates on my trip last week.
I shall start from where I'd last stop in the last entry.

All of us where supposed to have an early day on Day 2, which means we were supposed to wake at 6am. Yes, 6am - to see sunrise. So my dear assistant set the alarm clock the night before and we woke up at 8am instead. I think if it wasn't because of the phone call from our other friends from another room, we would have missed breakfast as well.


So after breakfast we went for another snorkelling session. This time I think it was in Pulau Lima. There was nothing much there though, the fishes are all small and common like the ones we saw at the seaside. The photographer did asked me to pose with a red sea cucumber he found, but the sea cucumber was really soft and gooey, I didn't wanna hold it in my hands. So in the end, he just took a picture of me and another friend. I'm not gonna post it in here because I look really really horrible like some monster with the snorkelling mask on.

Back at the seaside, we always did the same thing - playing, pushing and throwing each other into the sea. After lunch, we went for another snorkelling session. My classmates are really crazy lor. They said we'd paid for the sessions already when we paid for the resort's package so it's best if we made good use of it and just go for all sessions. Omg. One session is really damn tiring because you have to keep swimming in order to stay put in one place. And I myself was pushed into the water by some friends because they started becoming panicky when water entered into their masks.

The third location we went for snorkelling is Pulau Paku Besar. We were driven there in a speedboat by the cute handsome beach boy hunk which I'd mentioned earlier in my previous entry. =DDD While we brought bread to feed the fishes, he brought Twisties. Damn, he's cute. This place was definitely better than the one in the morning. At least with more fishes and corals. There was Nemo the clownfish too! I saw three Nemo's altogether, hiding in their home sweet home - anemone. I even saw a baby shark swimming nearby. I was quite shocked so I quickly told my friends that there was one swimming there.

Me: (In Cantonese) Wei, there's a shark there!
Someone: Where, where? Big or small??
Me: Sure small la! You want us all dead, izit?

Until now, I still don't know who's that someone who asked me that question. Each time I think about it, it makes me wanna laugh till I cry. If it was a big shark, I wouldn't be in the sea already la. I'd just climb up into the speedboat and let everyone die. *Evil laugh*

It's not me actually. I don't know whether it's Albee or Angeline.

A groupie of us on the way back. Note the guy behind in the orange shirt.

Nyah! Muahaha. He actually looks damn yeng in his sunnies but I don't know why he's acting cute.

Another picture of us. Acting cute again.
L-R: Chloe, Albee, Dude, Me, Angeline.

SEE! He's so cute! Shit, I'm actually posting something about him in here when I don't even know his name. I forgot to ask! But he's a Sabahan and that explains of his slang when he talks. He actually thinks Albee and I are sisters just because we're wearing the same top. Oh boy. At first when he thought that I'm the older sister, he said that I'm comel and Albee's cute. When I later turned the story around and said I'm the younger sister, he said that I'm cute and Albee's comel.

Don't those two words actually mean the same? Hahahaha.

After our last and final session of coral seeing and fish hunting, we came back and played beach volleyball. It didn't last long before we ended the game because we were picking up the ball more than hitting it. Then we went to the other side of the island to search for sharks. Baby sharks okay. After much perseverance (it was really hard to walk on dead corals and rocks, and the waves were quite big and strong) I managed to see one swim by.

After a little more of time in the water, we said bye-bye to the beach and had our baths. It was our last time having contact with the South China Sea water. And then, pictures time!

He said it would be cool to have two chicks beside him.

Some random shot.

We found this cute little turtle made out of sand.

Sisterly love. At least we have something in common. =)

I seriously don't know what the heck they were trying to do. Hahaha.

I superly-duperly love this picture so much!

Blur - the camera was running out of battery.

End of Day 2. Hope to receive remaining pictures before I update on Day 3.


Few months back, after I posted this controversial picture, gazillions of my friends bombarded me with questions on whether I'd cut my hair or not.

The fact was, I didn't. My hair was tied up.

Today, my visit to the saloon took a twist of turn. I myself was not expecting this. It all started when Mum asked me whether I wanted to follow her to the saloon. So I was thinking maybe I should get a trim because a new semester is going to start soon. Anyway, when I was there I thought for a very long time on maybe I should cut my hair. So I described to the lady on what hairstyle that I wanted and she cut, cut, cut lor. Then Mum came in and the moment she said, "Why behind so weird wan?", I went "Shit". Turned out the lady didn't really got what I wanted, so the outcome was really a screw up.

In the end, I had to cut my locks off. YES I CUT MY HAIR REALLY SHORT!

I didn't have a choice. It was what I'd vowed I would never ever have my hair in that shape. Bob-shit-style.

Please do not follow me screaming as well.

When Aunty Lai first cut it off, I really did not have the guts to look. My hopes of keeping my hair long and have it permed is now gone. Dashed. Crumbled. Shattered.


It did look oh-so-pretty when it was newly cut. Then when I came back, I wanted my long wavy hair back.

It's gonna take me at least 8 months to a year to have it to the length that I wanted. Without my long hair, I feel that the feminine side of me is missing (please get what I mean). I'd always loved long hair and now, look at me.


My poor long hair. My poor signature layered hair. Although it's been only a few hours since I'd lost you but I miss you terribly horribly much!

I'm going to have a moment of silence and mourn the loss of my long hair. *Wails*

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