Saturday, May 24, 2008

No More?

Came across a notice in Friendster about something regarding TARC students. So, I opened it and it said that majority of the Chinese hawker stalls nearby my college have been demolished.

First thing that came into my mind: Where the hell I'm supposed to find food now? More hostel and college canteen food? My God.

I'm not going to say more on this, just in case I might say something seditious in here.

For friends who want to know more, click here.


Yesterday, followed Mum to Parade to try to get a book. She couldn't find it and since sales have not started we went to Jusco. Anyhow, the moment we stepped into the mall I was being caught by a girl promoting the Estee Lauder Model Search. She bla bla bla and in conclusion asked me to take the studio photographs. Mum would get to redeem certain amount of the cosmetic products so she asked me to go ahead with it. Although it states "Model Search", aiya who cares. Not like I'm aiming for the prize or whatsoever.

It was damn paiseh because it was located at such a place that everyone would get to see what was happening. Roar. Lucky it was at night and there were not many people around.

Thanks to my small eyes, even the make-up specialist said she'd used black eye shadows to make my eyes look bigger. But Daphy did a very good job. I was satisfied. =D I have only a piece of the studio snapshot at the moment but embarrassed to say this, I don't know how to scan it into my laptop.

'Compliments' to my short hair. Double roar! Maybe the photos would turn out better with my long hair.

Freaking crappy hairstyle.

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