Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Really The Best Damn Thing!

Today's front page of The Star newspaper caught my attention. I nearly had a shock of my life.

No, it wasn't because of the aircraft that crashed into a home in Taman Cempaka. Or neither was it the RM30 billion expenditure by the government. Or whatever it is, I'm not bothered.

It was this.


Oh. My. God. Avril. Lavigne. Is. Coming. To. Malaysia. In. August.

OMGOMGOMG! *Gasps for air*

I have to go for her concert! I HAVE to! I can't miss this one and only opportunity where it's her one stop in South East Asia for her 'The Best Damn Thing World Tour'.


Now, I have the chance to meet her. In person. On stage!
Yes, I know I sound so sakai but I can't help it okay.
This is so exhilarating!

Now, the problem is.. where I'm supposed to find a sponsor for my first concert ticket? *Grumble grumble*


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