Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joke of the Year

Quote of the day:
"Shut up. I'm not in a good mood today, so don't step on my tail. Or else I'll bite your backside."
by Taxation lecturer.

Oh yes, he IS funny. At times. Today my friend and I got screwed because we didn't know how to answer his question. Or maybe because she wanted to help me out.

HELLO? Just because you talk like a bullet train, you can't expect me to answer you like one too right??

My God, hell no I'm ever gonna touch tax! If I could, I definitely would! Not like I have a choice now. *SCREAMS!*

Okay, a few weeks (or months) back, remember of the issue that girls in school uniforms are labeled sexy?

Now, I present to you the fact that women in lipstick and high heels would actually lead to immoral activities! You wouldn't wanna know why. People have weird thinkings, seriously. How on earth would that happen? This statement is so disgraceful. Did they mean to say that it's the females' fault for any immoral sexual activities that happen or are they trying to degrade men?

I wouldn't like to think about how the males would fantasize doing that with a female with lipstick on and wearing high heels. Sounds so sex-maniac-like. Even if it's true, I don't think all men are like that. No?

The next thing we would probably hear is that women will be banned from the streets. There! Easy-peasy. Nobody would get raped or whatever, no maksiat would happen. Stay put and do your thing at home.

They wouldn't understand the real fact that the problem lies behind some "lustful and have pornographic images stucked in their brain" people. Just because of these idiots, they would have to blame it on the population of the ladies.

How unfair. Kita memang boleh.

Before I end, regarding my previous post, I'd actually chosen Guy A. Adui, I don't wanna stay with a guy who would scream in delight each time he wins a game. Hahahaha. To those who chose the latter, yes, I understand why.

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