Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ahh.. My weekend back in Ipoh was so productive! Initially, was back to see Siah. And then it was Evon's birthday and I met so many of the ex-Form 6ers.

And then.. someone called me from some unknown number.

"Hello, do you know who am I?"

Me being a sleepyhead who had just woken up: "Yeah, **** **** ****."

Then, the voice started to raise by saying: "**** **** **** my foot! My surname is DAR and my last name is LING.

I realised!


I was so shocked I was screaming over the phone saying, "Why didn't you tell me sei poh?!?!" and her answer was "I wanted to surprise you!" and I was like "Yeah, surprised my foot! I'm really surprised now lor!"

Honeypie wanted to surprise me as though she's my boyfriend. LOL.

I was still screaming over the phone during our 20 minutes call. Dahlah already throat pain, but couldn't keep the adrenaline rushing so I needed to shout to get into the situation.

Anyway, we met up today in Jusco (again, for three days in a row). Expectedly, the talking couldn't be finished; from clothes to make-up to shoes to guys to girls to Australia to Malaysia to safety to (seriously I can carry on forever) food to hair and to.. argh, you get it.

Then Chin Yap sms-ed to meet up. And Rocky and Bernard were there as well. We went to Black Canyon (in which Bernard kept on saying Grand Canyon) to have a cuppa.

What a nice background =))

My bitter cappuccino

Thengy's Iced Lemon Tea

The waiter served us with a plate of alphabets biscuits (those that come in ABC's) but I don't know what's the purpose of it. First, I didn't know whether it came together with my cappuccino or not. Second, maybe it was just something for us to nibble on, but I don't see the other patrons at the other table getting them. Third, if it did came with my drink, how was I supposed to consume it? Like dunking those biscuits into the coffee? Or was I supposed to bite and then have a sip of the drink? Or vice versa?

Then I figured out something to do with the biscuits.

I tried making a longer sentence but there weren't enough letters. So Chin Yap suggested to do Scrabble style. And Rocky said I should put 'em on my saucer so that it'll look like a decoration.

So this is what we'd got:

But it sounded more like 'you f**k' more than 'f**k you' which doesn't sound too right because it's like accusing people more than a statement.

Then came the rearrangement.

But it still sounded more like 'you f**k' more than 'f**k you'.

So I decided to change one of the letters.

Sounds better right? More 'sun'. And factual. But I don't really mean you reading this suck lah.

Okay. End of playing-with-food story.

After that, the guys left so Thengy and I continued with her shopping spree. She bought a couple of stuffs which cost probably RM100++ (!!! - but it didn't matter to her because she had her FAMA - Father and Mother Account - to pay) and I was envying so much. I had less than RM30 in my pocket, so needless to say, did not get anything.

Thengy was complaining about how round her face is bla bla bla as though my face wasn't. She would probably kill me if she ever saw her picture in here but I doubt she reads my blog regularly. For the moment I'll be safe until I return to Ipoh again two weeks later when Vienz is back. Anyway, she asked me to wait two weeks to take photos of her because apparently, she would go on a diet and would get thin and all the grandmother's story of hers which I highly doubt will come true (I'm so dead).

Well, you may read that what I did was little but seriously it was one hell of a productive weekend because I was practically out for the whole Saturday and Sunday.

Now I gotta run off and pack my bag to get my ass back to KL tomorrow.


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FiKi said...

hey afiqah here, from marian convent, not sure if u remember me.

but anyway, on the 17th, was thinking of doing an exmarian convent reunion at PD. would love it for you to come and meet the others (of which that time we would have been 12 years old perhaps?)

please please reply yea.

my no is 0123098782

hope to see you!!

p.s pass along the message to other marian convents. i kinda loss touch with some of them