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Not forgetting Bowie Lam, Maggie Siu and Kenny Wong.

I felt like fainting after seeing Bosco.

Bosco, Bowie, Maggie and Kenny were in Pavilion last night for the promotion of their drama series The Gem Of Life which is currently airing on Astro On Demand (AOD). The series comprises of 82 episodes. 82 freaking episodes! I didn't actually bothered to watch since my finals are around the corner and I don't wanna get occupied by following the series. But now, I seriously am curious to watch and it's really hard to get my hands off the series since 30 episodes are right in my external hard disk. Determination, determination.

Even Linda Chung was in Sungai Wang for the promotion of her new album.

Obviously it wasn't possible for me to be at two different places at the same time. Thengy was lucky enough to catch Linda in Ipoh Parade on Thursday, though.

Whereas, Tavia was in One Utama today for ~H2O+ facial products in which she is the spokesperson. She's really pretty. Really, really pretty.

And Bosco's really cute.

It just seems that everyone looks better in person. Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung. Even Bowie Lam looks hot!

There's just too much of information that I wanna pour out right now. Let's just take one step at a time and I shall blog about Bosco first. Alright?

Got to Pavilion around 6pm, and saw that there were quite a lot of people already crowding at the place. So my friends and I decided to grab a fast dinner at the food court, knowing that if we were late there wasn't gonna be any strategic location to stand anymore. We literally swallowed our noodles and headed back to the location (exactly the same spot where Raymond came to promote his album).

At least the management was smarter enough to raise the height of the stage and not just leave it as a 3-feet-high stage.

This is heaven, just before hell started
(I think I should dye my hair again, it's really sucky to have those black hair at the top)


Now get ready to scream your lungs out.

Now scream!!!

I got so high because when I yelled his name out, he heard and looked at me. And then he waved! (WARGH!!!!!!!!) Then I shouted, "Bosco! Wu Hang Yi leh??"

Myolie Wu

I wasn't sure if he'd heard me because I didn't gain any response except for some fans who turned to look at me and laugh, as though saying, "Wow, you are so daring leh." But it's not like Bosco would even respond to such a sensitive issue even if he'd heard what I said.

He was chewing on some gum when he came out, which I think made him look even hotter.

The host asked some questions and then they started to play games. All of them were required to choose a partner and ohmygawd, the crowd went crazy! I was literally being pushed here and there and now I have a big, big blister on my foot. You just have to sacrifice to meet these stars. Anyway, the first game was that they were supposed to work in pairs to guess the title of the series of the theme song which was being played.

I think it was lucky that I wasn't picked because I would definitely make a fool out of myself since I always skip the front part of series when the theme song is being sung. Well, unless the songs are hot enough for me to hear. I was laughing my ass off when the game was on because Bosco kept on saying that he knew each song after the others answered, but it was just that he didn't had a chance to say it out. Hilarious I tell you. At least he managed to answer The Seventh Day correctly without any help from his partner and the crowd. Some actors/actresses wouldn't even know the theme song of the show that they are starring in and that's really very paiseh can!

I don't know whether Bosco is a Casanova or not, because he picked a leng lui and then hugged her when she went up stage. Okay, probably the girl ask him for a hug. But he didn't hug the second girl like how he'd hugged the first girl. *Jealousy strikes*

Wait. On a second thought, I wouldn't want to hug a sweaty girl either lor.

Bowie and his partner ended up as the winner by answering seven songs correctly. If I wasn't mistaken, all were answered by his partner. Geng. Bosco: Second place.

The second game was quite complicated. I didn't really hear how was it supposed to work but I think it was something like this: One blows a balloon until it bursts, then goes to collect 10 ping pong balls on a spoon, then pile up some paper cups and then the partner will blow another balloon until it bursts. Yeah, something like that. Not so complicated afterall.

Now you tell me, how would this girl actually help Bosco to win?


As a matter of a fact, they didn't win. But it was mainly due to Bosco being so afraid of balloons. First, he actually cheated by using his fingers to burst his balloon, after which he was supposed to proceed to collect 10 ping pong balls. But since there was still another contestant still blowing his balloon (which was already super big but still yet to burst), he actually forgotten about the ping pong balls. Instead he stood aside closing his ears. After the balloon burst and all other three were collecting balls, then he realized that he was supposed to collect the balls too. Aiyo. In the end, Bosco ended up in third place, the winner being Bowie, again.

I think this guy is someone from Pavilion

Then the artists started giving out gifts like car windscreen shades, handphone key chains, pillows and notebooks. Bosco and Bowie were acting childishly as they grabbed a handful of the key chains and started to laugh evilly.

Where's Bosco?

He was just so so so busy grabbing those key chains

Somehow or rather, I find this picture very 'wrong'

He was actually waving to the fans but he was holding a ball of tissue in his thumb

Bosco and Bowie fooling around while waiting for the short interview with the host

About to leave

At the end of the day

My hair was dripping wet, my shirt was partially transparent because of the sweat and I could barely walk (I stood barefooted in Pavilion for about 10 minutes). All I had was four really horrible AOD key chains.

Oh well, I had tons and tons of pictures of Bosco. HEE.

Now, it's really hard to pick between Raymond and Bosco. Can I have them both?

Pretty please?

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