Sunday, December 7, 2008


You know, a few months ago I vowed not to go clubbing. Well, subjected to two reasons I would.

i] If not more than 10 persons, don't club.
ii] If no occasion, don't club.

Guess what, I didn't club for almost half a year. I think. I kinda lost track on when was the last time I entered a club already.

All it takes is just a little determination, huh.

Determination rocks.

So.. for the time being, I shall now say NO to donuts!

When the hunger pangs or cravings sink in, I will think of healthy stuffs. Such as, bananas. Or even papayas. No donuts anymore.

But I still can't find the courage to say 'no' to McDonalds. Hmph.

Maybe I should come up with a "no occasion, don't eat McDonalds" thing.

Oh shit. Looking at all the donuts, I'm starting to get hungry already.

Banana, banana, papaya, papaya..

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