Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Trip To KLCC & Old Town Kopitiam

Date: 3rd December 2008, Wednesday.
Time: Somewhere in the evening.
Location: Duh.

KLCC: Was supposed to watch Bolt 3D and realized that the ticket costs a holy RM17! Ended up watching Igor at 9pm. Which I thought wasn't so nice. RM7 gone. Sushi King for dinner.

Pui Yin


Hooi Ling


Whee.. my legs look so long

Those guys behind kept on disturbing us

It was probably nearly 11pm, but we ended up in Kopitiam.

I tengah syok berposing, that girl go and pop into my picture

So heart-wrenching to not being able to eat my favourite butter and kaya toast

Then she also wanna berposer

Aiya, everyone start to berposing. Thanks to me. *Applause applause*

But hey, that's what I do when I'm bored!

I can finally tie my hair up

A remake..

Of this!
Back in 2007

The supervisor was laughing at us when we were taking this picture

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