Monday, February 2, 2009

Picture Tagging

I wonder who came up with this picture tagging thing. It took me so long going through thousands of photos to find the pictures required.

Anyway, tagged by Yin Yin since I-dunno-when.

1. A picture of you in the most unique environment.

Avid readers of my blog should have seen this before

2. A picture of you in the place you dislike.

Lecture halls!

3. A picture of people who mean a lot to you.

That's my babysitter

4. A picture of you with your best smile.

If I could just crop him out

5. A picture of you with the lamest pose.

It was 2 in the morning and I had nothing else better to do

It wasn't Christmas yet at that time

6. A picture of someone who stands on top of your heart.

Junsu baby! HAHA

7. A picture of you with toys or cute stuffs.

It's not mine
I wanna clarify that I DO NOT like soft toys

8. A picture of you in a white shirt.

Berjaya Times Square on Halloween's Day

There! Done! Mission accomplished!

Off I go. Dinner is awaiting!


peipei said...

u look vvv pretty in ur family photo..

belz said...
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belz said...

that was three yrs back in 2006. ohh lidat la.. now not pretty adi la izit? lol.

fuzpeiz said...

seriously now prettier d..but den..tat pic oso pretty la..
neways..u look the best in the pic wit michael...tat wan damn chun!!!!

belz said...

lolol. thanks thanks! muahhhhh.. =3