Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Which Would You Pick?

Today, one of my seniors at work gave me a test, verbally.

He asked:

Imagine you are entering a jungle, with trees at both sides. As you walk, there is a wooden house in front of you.

When you enter the house, there is a table.

On the table, there are five types of different fruits.

I feel like eating all of them already. Looks so yummy.

Back to the question.

Which would you pick?

After some thinking, I picked the watermelon.

I shall not reveal the answer yet.

When I came back from work, I had the usual MSN session with the boyfriend. So, out of nowhere I decided to ask him the same thing that I was asked earlier today.

Since we were on the webcam, I could see his reaction towards my question. He definitely was thinking very hard to come up with the answer; but very quickly provided an answer.

"Watermelon gua. The rest also don't really eat. So what's the conclusion? I know there's some meaning one."

Ironically, we picked the same fruit.

Anyway, what's the conclusion, you wonder?

We'd both picked watermelon. So the conclusion is.. we both are persons who like to eat watermelon.

So if you'd picked banana, the conclusion is: you like to eat banana.


Lame, I know. But it made my day. I'd done some really hard laughing with him today. =D



fuzpeiz said...

wth u!!!
i really think it's some sort of test...
i picked banana..
wth wth wth
hate u lor..ahhahahaha

belz said...

LOL. means u like to eat banana lorrrrr. not good meh? banana good for health ma! HAHAHA.

leeweihoe said...

banana reminds me of sumthing

belz said...

peipei loves BANANAAAAA! =o

n_Drew said...

ohh man...i know wat he mean by banana...our sweet memories...nyek nyek

Rokchin said...

cha dou...

belz said...