Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can You Feel The Mou Liao-ness In This?

These are some parts of the MSN conversation of Thengy and I.

M: Why you didn't online wan?
T: Nowadays very cold, so didn't online lor.
M: Very cold so you didn't online? I don't see any connection in it.
T: I sit next to the window. So night time I must snuggle into bed early and sleep. Nowadays some more got hail storm.
M: (Wanted to ask what is hail storm.)
T: Like raining ice-kacang only!
M: Wtf hahahahahahahahahaha. Ice-kacang but without red beans and cendol and syrup!
T: Now I wanna eat ice-kacang. How? Cendol reminds me of pei tai (nose snot).
M: WTF! (But still laughing very hard.)

So after that, we started talking about Raymond Lam who came to Jusco Ipoh last Sunday. I was mentioning about him having a wardrobe malfunction in which he showed up in three quarter pants and a pair of boots.

M: So ugly looking lor. His leg so hairy somemore.
M: And you know what? People said those who are damn hairy have high sex drive.
T: Deng! You very mou liao lor!
M: HAHAHAHA. Mou liao?? It's mou liu! Or wu liao. Not mou liao la!

(Mou liu is.. kinda like 'nonsensical' in Cantonese. Correct me if I'm wrong about the translation because I'm having a hard time finding out the real meaning of mou liu. Whereas wu liao is the Mandarin way of saying it.)

She mixed up both ways to say it to become mou liao.

God. I swear I was laughing so hard until my stomach was hurting.

Thengy can be so random at times, you feel like smacking her. But you don't have the heart to do so. Because she's just so lovable!

I miss Thengy!

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