Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overhauled Rum Jungle

Tell you something really incredible. I woke up at 3pm today. I think I slept like for nearly 12 hours? Woot. And woke up with a slight hang over 'cuz I drank quite a couple of cups yesterday.

Followed dad for dinner with his friends in 1919 yesterday night. The uncle who treated us dinner ordered so many types of dishes. Was so full till the brim. And later he told us there was still Chinese Pancake and tong sui. That was not the end. There was still ice-cream after that. Gawd. I gave mine to dad. His friend said dad's effort to cut down his weight went into the drain because of me. Heh.

Headed home after that. Then Vic asked whether I wanted to tag along to Rum Jungle which is now known as RJ Club. It underwent some renovation so it doesn't look like a jungle now at least. I kinda like the place. More of a higher standard. But I still hate the live band with the stupid violin and saxophone. Hello, clubs are meant to play some R&B and hip songs!

The line

The bar

After some time drinking, we got bored so.. it was time for (fill in the blanks)!

All the vain pots

I'm bringing sexy back

I have to admit I was a lil' erm, wing-ed yesterday night. I had four different types of alcohol on the same night! Red and white wine during dinner and Absolut Vodka and some beer in RJ. So, err.. I was a little crazy. Heh.

Enjoyed. =D

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