Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boon Hoong's 21st

Remember this? The karaoke one. That was last year. With a blink of an eye, a year had already passed. Time really really flies.

Am currently in KL. Did not go back Ipoh. But I miss my dear blog so much, I actually came to the cyber cafe to update! Now, I call that partly desperate and partly kind. Kind because I'm letting you all read new things! Hehe.

Oh, are you guys hungry? Let me make you even hungrier!

So back to the topic. After 365 days, Boon Hoong's birthday is here again.

His beloved girlfriend, Siu Wei, who was also my classmate during my diploma years, wanted to suprise him by calling some of us without him knowing. It was planned to be on Sunday (the day before yesterday) in One Utama's Chillis. But thanks to KL's traffic, five of us were late; and also Chilli's fellow staff for not letting us in if 10 of us weren't present, the plan was spoilt and birthday boy ended up knowing about the surprise. No more surprise, no more Chillis. We ended up in this place called Garden.

Got bored while stucked in the traffic


The place was all garden-y and quiet as it was situated in a corner, I didn't even know of its existence. But there were couples and families having dinner there. Us, being the largest group (13!) owned the place for the night.

Albee and Woon Chun

Mei Ling and Boyfriend

Food food food!

Mashed potatoes
Woon Chun said the ones in KFC taste much better

Woon Chun's half eaten meal
He said this was very nice
Some fried breaded chicken thing

Fish & Chips

My yummy Shish Kebab!
Lamb yummm

After the makan session, came the birthday cake session.

Everyone started singing the Birthday Song, including all the staff of the restaurant. As you can see, the cake was directed to "Lao Gong" which means "husband" and not "Boon Hoong".

I think it was the supervisor who carried the cake out. She was a Punjabi and was very hyper. So we sang, "Happy Birthday to Boon Hoong..", but she sang "Happy Birthday to Lao Gong.." with her super enormous loud voice.

I broke into laughter. When she was about to leave, realising something was wrong 'cuz most of us were laughing, she asked the birthday boy, "Your name is Lao Gong, right?"

I swear it was so damn funny.

And.. we made them kiss. Lol.

For five good seconds.

Albee and Boyfriend

Lovely place

The thing I love most about Garden, is that it actually has a Grand Piano here! White colour!

Me, feeling grand at the Grand Piano

My fellow friends, being mesmerized by me

After mesmerizing them for, I think, one minute or so, I screwed everything up because I forgot the notes of Mariage D' Amour. Mind you, I can count the times I touched the piano since 2003.

Groupies are the best!

It was a good night, having good food, good ice-cream cake, good environment and of course, good companionship.

Next up: (in no particular order)
Threesome’s birthday. Duo's birthday. (Done!)
Palm reading.
Poppy??? (Done!)

Stay tuned!

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