Saturday, August 15, 2009

Victor's 21st

The much awaited post!

You know why? Because only I had the brains to bring my camera. So, I'm the woman! All of you will need to wait for the queen to provide you with the night's pictures. I shall charge an access fee of RM0.50 per piece. *Evil laugh*

So let me get on with my story. Dear brother, Victor came all the way down to KL (from Ipoh actually but I make it sound as though he came from Perlis or some kampung) to celebrate his.. 21st. Duh. Someone requested not to state any dates in here so I shall adhere for the fear of losing my head.

The night started off with all of us going to Look Out Point for dinner, which was at Gasoline. My recommendation is.. NOT to go there anymore. Let me just tell you why in a moment.

I get goosebumps when I see this.

Birthday boy!

Meet my new friend, the DSLR.

Why you should never ever return to this place for food?

1) The utensils are horribly dirty. Still sticky and oily. Have stuffs sticking onto them.
2) Shitty amount of French Fries. And they were hard! Nevermind.
3) Cold soup. Okay I don't literally mean cold. But it was less than warm. I hate drinking warm soup! I like them piping hot.
4) Stupid staff. They actually served soup with no spoons given to you and you have to ask them. Shit load many times somemore. Argh.

I didn't try this so I can't add anything to the "Why you must not go to Gasoline" list.

5) Tasteless pasta. Imagine your pasta being fried only in olive oil and a piece of horrible chicken was placed on top and later served to you. Even I can cook better pasta!

6) Their steak takes forever to get on your dining table.

7) Stupid staff again. Nobody cares when you call for the bill. You might as well walk out of the restaurant, without the need to settle your bill.

In conclusion, noob restaurant, noob staff, noob cook! Urgh!

Enough with the complaints. Let's move on. Next on the list was.. POPPY!!

The killas!

Nerd trying to be a sexy pole dancer.
But unfortunately, EPIC FAILURE!

Anywayyyy.. Poppy had a pool. And pools are meant for people to swim. And swimming means people need to get wet.

After birthday boy gets wet, he needs a little company. So Rok Chin being the man was his teman.

But two persons are never enough. Don't let it stop.

This angmoh couldn't bear them both getting all the attention so he decided to show some skin in addition to getting wet. Sheesh.

Like what I said, don't let it stop. Bring it on! Bernard's turn!

"No. I said no."

Never say no. Heh.

(Okay it's nearly 3 in the morning and I'm getting restless.)

End of the night, Victor and Bernard was ko-fied.

Next day, pork noodles for lunch!

(Sayang you can't eat, but you can have a look at the noodles at least hehe)
Nom nom nom.

Followed by Starbucks in The Curve.

Then dinner was bak kut teh in Subang.

The end. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Sorry, my eyes are half closed. Lol.

Check out more photos in my Facebook. Gonna post them up soon.


puiyun said...

You know. i went to gasoline last sunday i think. i almost died. most customers were very dissatisfied. it was a good 45 mins before they told me, sorry miss. the food you ordered is no longer available.

SWEAR I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. just because their cafe's located somewhere special, doesn't mean it will keep me as a customer. service and food is terrible.

belz said...

I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! though my food came but we waited long too. and the poor bday boy's steak came lika after 45 mins to 1 hr we thought they had to slaughter a cow to cook the steak. argh.

mapleprincess said...

lucky i din go. thx to my kl frenz, they warned me not to. LOL. u al hd so much fun. i missd altoghtr. sigh! wel, its supposd to b missd AGAIN. LOL. no fate neh.

belz said...

gasoline sucks. but i think the other cafe wont be as bad gua. aiyo, even if u were in kl u will join meh? gasoline u said ur frenz ask u dun go. lol. and and poppy after tat u oso tarak ngam neh. adoi.