Friday, October 30, 2009

Masak-Masak #1

Today's post is specially dedicated to those only with the possession of a rice cooker. Nope, no stove involved.

We're gonna cook pasta!

First, get the ingredients (of course) :-

i] Pasta of your choice.
ii] Sausages.
iii] Chicken fillet/breast.
iv] Pasta sauce of your choice.
v] Seasonings (pepper/soy sauce/salt).

Yeah I guess that's about it.

First, you clean and wash the chicken fillet/breast and cut it into pieces. Same goes with the sausages.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta.

Transfer it into a bowl/pot.

Marinate the chicken pieces with pepper and soy sauce/salt according to your own liking.

Cook the chicken in the rice cooker and add a little water. It shouldn't take a long time since the pieces are easily cooked.

Add the sausages into the chicken and pour the pasta sauce into the rice cooker. Leave until the mixture boils.

You will end with this:

Ta da!

Your last job is to.. just eat!

And don't forget the dishes. ;)


Dylan Phuah said...

alamak, where did all this happen?
can you really cook meat in a rice cooker?

belz said...

hostel! hahahahaha. the wonders of what a rice cooker can do. yeah the meat will cook. the smaller piece it is the faster it will cook.