Sunday, October 18, 2009

The (Not So Big) Two-One

This post is longgggggggggggggggggg overdue. So here it is, how I celebrated my 21st.

When the clock striked 12

I was in Yvonne's room, trying hard to concentrate on studying Business Analysis. HooiLing and YeeSin came in and all of them SHOUTED the birthday song. I was asking them to keep their voices low because it was the exam season and their screamings might disturb the rest. However, my words didn't seem to get into their heads 'cuz they seem to scream even louder. -_-

There were many photos taken, but yours truly wasn't exactly in her best state for pictures.

This is what they got for me; something I'd been longing for months but couldn't get them thanks to cashflow problems.

We figured out that eventhough it was exams period, we still could fit in some of the camwhoring session. Heh.

Kawaii neh~

Gangsta looking.


Japanese food, anyone? :)

While waiting for Yv & Mich, who were at "the toilet".
(They went to get the birthday cake -_-)

Time to place our orders!

(I was very determined to remember the names of the food but after a month plus, who could actually remember them?)

[Chicken + rice + beans] in a hot pot???

Sorry I really can't remember lol. But it was nice! Yummy..

Chicken Katsu Don? I think.

This I remember! Ebi Tempura! Lol.

Soft-shelled crabs.

Some chicken floss sushi.

Yv, Mich, me, HL, YS.

Salmon sushi.

It had been some time since I'd blown candles off a birthday cake.

Photographer of the day failed. Only after I'd made a cut, he told me he didn't capture a picture of it. Ish.

(Above: Captured by ME!)


My twin, Maple, took me for dinner at Station 1. Bumped into Levina and her friend on the way out so both of them tagged along.

My black pepper chicken chop.

Lamb chop.

Great, I forgot this as well. Grr.

Aglio Oglio (whatever it's called) Spaghetti.

Banana Split as the cake for the night.

A waiter gave me the balloon. -_-

There! Small scale celebrations for the birthday. Not the best, but definitely great! Many thanks to those who were willing to spend time with me for it. Love love love you guys. Not forgetting the wishes as well! There were tons of it so I can't possibly list all of 'em in here but you know who you are. Huggies.

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