Friday, November 13, 2009

We All Need Bigger Breasts!

I'm feeling very down and stressed and depressed and all. Not too sure whether it's because of the "visitor of the month" or because I'm just so not in the mood.

Come to think of it, I think it's because of the upcoming ACCA exams. Who could possibly be sane enough to be in a positive mood to face an examination? I've heard all the hoo-haa's over the exams, people telling me how hard is it to get through it (I know, thanks for telling). Gah!

And, and.. I just don't have the mood to study. No inspiration, no motivation. But I'm scared about the exams. Fml. It's like there are two voices in my head; the angel and the devil.

Angel says, Study!
Devil says, Do other things!

You know how frustrating is that??

Sometimes I even wonder why am I on this path. Too late to turn back time but can't help thinking what would have happened if I was doing something else.

Few days ago, I was reading an article from The Star and atm, I felt I was damn useless.

This guy is a 10 yo (okayy..), stopped schooling (wtf??), a genius (one in a million okayfinenevermind), keeps track of foreign stock market (aren't 10 yo boys supposed to be busy with toys and other stuff???!!), and fancies physics, chemistry & biology (err, I started studying them only when I was 16).

That's not the end.

He's a lecturer. Beat that. I'm 21 and have yet to complete my tiertiery studies! Oh, there's more.. He charges RM6000 an hour for his lectures! Fucking SIX THOUSAND RINGGIT!!!!! I think I can't even earn RM100 an hour. Fml.

His job doesn't stop with the lecturer.

He is also a CEO. Chief Executive Officer. Oh sorry make that two (2) CEOs. People work their ass off for years to be a CEO and this little guy here holds two position at the age of 10. -___________-

Everybody, together say.. "Fuck our lives."

Suddenly, there's this urge telling me that I need bigger breasts.


Mabel Low said...

If he was my lecturer, i will feel so stupid that i'd probably need to some psychiatrist to "lecture" me as well=.=
Hmm.. i think people with manboobs don't need bigger breasts. XD

belz said...

yeah that's the thing. imagine having him to lecture.. can die. instead of learning, make me feel stupider :S
manboobs!! haha!!