Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shoot Shoot Shoot!

My MSN personal message reads: "Hello somebody shoot me."

My Facebook status reads : "Anyone has a gun? I need to shoot myself."

Why am I such a pessimist? Read the previous post.

Anyway my point here is, I have such good friends they try to fulfill what I want by "BANG!!"-ing me over MSN and flooding my status with comments. (Okay I just checked there's 26 comments altogether)

But there's this guy friend who made such good effort I laughed so hard even though I just got out of bed and was feeling very blur.



Thanks man, Rok Chin! Gave me a few minutes of laughter there. Lol.

Okay everyone I'm dead now.


Mike Yip said...

WAH!!! All is headshot tim.

belz said...

haha.. can die quicker :P

Kelvin said...

lol nice pic^^

belz said...

yeah agreed! :D