Sunday, January 17, 2010



I'm so sad because I'd abandoned my blog for so long already. The thought of wanting to update this weekend while I'm back home was ruined because I have no freaking idea why my laptop wouldn't be connected to the router (wired or wireless); the connection only works on the home's desktop but this stupid desktop that I'm using right now is absolutely S.L.O.W. Sien.

Anyway, last weekend I was in Genting with the boyfriend and a whole bunch of crazy friends. Would love to upload pictures in here, but unfortunately my camera has nil pics of our stay there (psst.. there were two big ass DSLRs there, where I dare take my small digital camera out kan?)

So I will have to wait till I get the soft copies from Vic and those from Melv's, I would have to copy and save one by one from Facebook fml.

I have a few things to post in here.

i] HL's 20th.
ii] NYE '09.
iii] Genting. (Awaiting photos. Vic: hint hint!)

Please be my darlings and acknowledge that it is now past 2 am and my eyes are gonna give way anytime soon. Therefore, all will have to wait because yours truly is too lazy to copy the pictures into my thumb drive and upload them from this stupid tortoise desktop.

I'm off to bed my brain is yearning for some rest already!


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