Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Are The Consultants!

Found a little time to post something in here although I'm supposed to be burying my head into my notes as mid-term tests are next week! I'm so doomed and dead :/

Anyway, FDM presentation was last week and all were required to wear formal attires to class. (The subject was to prepare us to handle things that would come our way in the working life.)

Was really really nervous since the last presentation I did was way back a year over ago. Plus, it was a group presentation - we only rehearsed once, and I was the key person not to exceed the time constraint of 20 minutes. Pressure!

The nervous level in me was super high that when I held the laser pointer to the slides, the laser light was swaying left and right and wouldn't point to where I wanted it to be T.T In the end I decided not to use the damn pointer anymore. However, even with the minor glitches, I managed to pull it through the second time I spoke and was the best speaker! *beaming proudly*

After it all ended, there was nothing better to do other than to take pictures of ourselves! :D

My teammates :)

Dearie San, my bestie in class.

Always the thorn among the roses.

Ei Man.

Pei Vern.

San, Yoke Chin & I.

With San again.

Girl power! Roar!

And lastly, half of the class with Mr Tan.

No idea why, but I feel like a nurse each time I don the white top in the photos.

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