Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Wish You A Merry (Post) Christmas

Some random photographs taken during the Christmas season.

Went to church on the Eve and later headed over for some drinking session in.. East (I don't know where specifically, to be honest). Thanks to the air-conditioner breakdown in the area which may be due to the overvoltage of electricity use as there were plenty of pubs there. What a time for the breakdown to happen. Sheesh.

Instead of enjoying drinks and music in the pub itself, everyone made their way outside to get some fresh air. The boyfriend and the rest even brought their bucket of beer near the drain to continue drinking. -_-

All dressed up!


Victor & Yin.
(I told you they were drinking beside the drain.)

The dress made me look so preggy! :S

Then.. suddenly we all realized there was some outfit clash.

But obviously the bf's one was better because I bought it! Hee.

We switched location because the place was really stuffy and all. All in all, we made four switches altogether. Grr..

Location #2 was shitty noisy with the live band.

Stayed in Location #3 until the bar was closed. Somehow the guys came up with some dumb dumb game where one was supposed to draw a card from the deck and the one with the smallest/biggest number will drink. Guess this is how we entertain ourselves in an uncle place.

Tension tension.

Drink bro, drink!

Michelle & Jillian.

Yin hugging a teddy bear lol.

Location #4's bar was also closed.

Stayed in Location #5 till they decided to call it a day.

Nobody wanted to take any pictures hence got nothing for you to see lol. You want proof ya?

That's me on the left.

Chun Pui I think.

Weng Fai.

See I told you nobody wanted to be friends with my camera! Poor thing.


Headed over to Mike's crib on Boxing Night.

Everyone was in the mood for CNY already.

@ Lush.

I also dunno when was this taken.

Hmm that's all for Christmas I think. My camera wasn't on active mode. Sorry to bore you with my boring stories lol.

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kenwooi said...

i see some of my ex-schoolmates here =P